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WeChat Official Account, has become a powerful social media marketing channel that businesses use to reach their target audience.

Broadcast Messaging

Message all followers or segment by geography, gender or a custom group (sales leads, VIP ....)


Set a welcome message, replies to keywords, and a default reply to any other messages.

Direct Messaging

Send text responses to individual follower messages.

Follower Management

View basic profile data, group followers, add aliases

Content Management

Upload image, audio, video files, and create multimedia cards.


Detailed reporting on followers, content engagement, message volume, and much more.

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Our Client 

Munix Computer Sales & Services Sdn.Bhd.

Kok Siong Electrical Sdn Bhd

tHe Spring

Sin Chew Sarawak


Bao Dian Logistics Sdn Bhd

NRC Electric Fence Sdn Bhd

Eyelook OPTIk

Perfect Vision Optical Centre

38 VR

Yao Bao

Realtime Technology


Official Account Training

RM 300.00 (Pay Once)

*Not inclusive of Official Account registration fee (99USD)

(Lazada/Shopee/11 street)
Registration & Training

RM 700.00 (Pay Once)

*Price include one platform
*Add on RM300 per platform

Mini Program Super Version
( 6 Functions *Pickable functions )

RM 1980.00 (Pay Once)

*Include training
*Annual fee RM850 (server maintenance)

Mini Program Super Version
( 9 Functions *Pickable functions )

RM 2560.00 (Pay Once)

*Include training
*Annual fee RM850 (server maintenance)

Mini Program Super Version
( 12 Functions *Pickable functions )

RM 2999.00 (Pay Once)

*Include training
*Annual fee RM850 (server maintenance)

51Life Application Registration & Backend

RM 1350.00 (Pay Once)

*Include training
*Annual fee RM500 (server maintenance)