Delivery & Fulfillment Policy

After full submission of documents required and payment made in full to Page Modules Sdn Bhd, the following delivery and fulfillment method for our software (MyPass Attendance App) will take place.

  1. After full payment made for the software, Page Modules Sdn Bhd will take at least 3 working days for preparation for software activation .
  2. The software will be made available and downloadable from the Page Modules Sdn Bhd Portal.
  3. The download link will be send to the third party/ purchaser via email address provided by the third party/ purchaser.
  4. The third party can proceed to download and enjoy our software.

(NOTE: Should the third party/ purchaser has lost the download link, third party may request another link from Page Modules Sdn Bhd but this request can only be request via email. Page Modules Sdn Bhd will go through a series of security check with third party/ purchasers to verify the identity of the party making the request is genuine. The whole process will take up to 3 working days.

This delivery fulfillment may subject to changes from time to time with notice to the third party/ purchaser involved via email.